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Who We Are

We are the Asur Adivasi of Netarhat (Jharkhand), India. We are the world's ancient metallist who gave the world iron. With the help of which human civilization has reached this stage of world.

V. Ball (1880) was chiefly struck in Netarhat (Latehar, Palamu and Gumla) by the iron work of Asur whom he considered to belong to the Munda family of the aborigines. S. C. Roy (1915) mentioned that the Asuras passed through the Neolithic into the Megalithic period when great numbers of cinerary urns under stone slabs in cemetries, as well as forts, indicate a long Msgalithic period or a large population, with artifacts belonging to the Copper, Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as bricks of the type used at Mohengodaro and in the Ashoka period (3rd century B.C.). Verrier Elwin (1942) suggested that the Agaria and Asurs are both descendants of a tribe represented by the Asura of Sanskrit Literature.

Our Council

Our institution 'Asur Adivasi Wisdom Akhra' is a non-registered community organization which we established in May 2019. This is situated in Jobhipat village of Netarhat (Jharkhand). AAWA organization is run by a community council in collective leadership, in which many of the villages in the Netarhat region include community elders, village leaders and young people.

Our History

It has been said that the Asura lost their military prestige, industrial skill and their progeny was killed in great numbers. This struggle between the Aryans and the Asura is said to have dragged on for centuries. Those of the Asura who refused to be absorbed in the Neo-Aryan body politic were perhaps classed along with Rakshasas or demons.

Our Wisdom

We the Asur— traditionally been iron-smelters are residing in the hilly terrain of the pat area of Netarhat plateau including in the Latehar, Lohardaga, Palamu and Gumla districts in Jharkhand. We are still carrying out hunting, gathering and the tradition of the shifting cultivation. There was a time when we are co-existed with the forests, minerals and the skill of iron-smelting.

Our Partner

At present our only collaborator is Jharkhandi Bhasha Sahitya Sanskriti Akhra. With the help of which we are active in the area of Natarhat since the year 2006 for the preservation of our language, culture and ancestoral wisdom. But we need urgently many partners who can provide financial and material support to our organization.

What we do

We take pride in what we do. Our programs and activities are designed to strengthen the Oral Adivasi Wisdom and Self-rule.

Organising Community

Like other Adivasi communities, we are also the first nation in the world. We believe in coexistence, equality and peace. But our social, political, cultural and economic systems have been disrupted by external forces. Our first need to be aware, organized and united to overcome this crisis.

Protecting Rights

We Asurs are victims of so-called civilization and state violence. With this the existence of ours and the mother earth is in crisis. Our right to traditional self-governance have been abducted. With it the existence of ours and the mother earth is in crisis, which is determined to protect.

Documenting Knowledge

Asur language is one of the languages of the world, which are included in the list of UNESCO endangered languages Atlas. Our traditional knowledge of iron making has reached the brink of extinction from the attack by state sponsored alien culture.

Strengthening Adivasidom

Adivasidom is the most relevant and living tradition in all the social philosophies of the world known till now, which has been in practice for more than six thousand years. Our goal is to protect and propagate the core values of Adivasi worldview (Adivasidom).

Sharing Peace

Just like natural diversity is essential for the existence of our planet, so the social, cultural and linguistic diversity is the primary condition of human society to survive. Conflicts of cultures have always pushed the world into war. Adivasis believe that human diversity can play a big role in restoring world peace.

Building Future

Our future lies in the ancestral wisdom and self-governance system, with the support of which we all are lovingly living in the proximity of nature. Where there is no space for individualism and profit-loss based market economy. By planting this knowledge in a new generation, we can create a better world.

We Need Your Help and Support

Asur Adivasi Wisdom Akhra needs immediate cooperation from all of you. We are awaiting your support for the documentation of language and culture, community awareness and rights campaign, knowledge sharing and for various educational and cultural activities.

Support in kind

Not necessarily give you cash. You can help Asur Wisdom Center by giving us the things we need. Such as scanners, photo-video cameras, laptops, storage hard disks, almirahs, one moped, lapel and studio mike, recording mixer device, sound system, diesel power generator, solar power system, tarpaulin, carpets, blanket, bedsheets, slate and chalk, wooden toys etc. For this, you can express your wish by mail or by phone +91-9262975571.

Support in Cash

You can also help us with money for all these things and many programs and activities done by the Center. There is no limit to financial help. From minimum 10 rupees to maximum, you can give as much as you like. You can send your financial help to us also in convenient installments.
With this DONATION link, your help will be reached by us immediately. For support and any query you can call anytime. We will be happy to hear from you.

Some Asur Images

Our images are black, red and purple too. Our breath is a bellows of forest and the chest is full of iron. In our values so much heat and light of the sun which keeps the whole world gleaming up.

Asur Women with Child

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Preparing furnace for iron smelting

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Worshiping Furnace

Sakhuapani, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Sakhuapani, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Asur Sarhul

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand) - 17 may 2019

Asur Sacred Place

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Sarna, Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Asur Wisdom Akhra

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand)

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand).

Our Collaborator

Who we have work with

Asur have the world's oldest knowledge and very rich culture. But today they are battling for their survival. Their entire natural area remains the manor of Birla Company for bauxite mining. They need our immediate help.

Vandna Tete General Secretary, JBSS AKHRA

Much misunderstood as a tribe since the Aryan immigration and emergence of Vedic literature, the Asurs of Jharkhand are now waking up to the threats to their language and identity. In the 1872 census — the first in preindependent India — Asurs came at the top of 18 tribes.

Priyanka Kotamraju Song of 'Song of the Asur', Hindu Business Line (2014)

Surely, where iron is in the blood of a small tribe, efforts should be made to encourage it. The Asurs seem to have given it up when their forests came under official control. If this could be strengthen, they might take to their ancient craft again.

Verrier Elwin Foreword , 'The Asur' (1963)

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